Project Ujaala

Education has never been a priority for the marginalised communities in India. They do not believe they will ever have the same opportunities in spite of the education. They would rather see the children learn their trade and start working from an early age.

You, as a donor, can help children  from marginalised communities  get an education and grow up to reach their potential. Imagine the satisfaction you will get knowing there is a child out there who could be anything he or she can be because of your generosity.  

We supported some children through the pandemic and now are looking at projects that benefit the children of whole villages.


Sub Project Udaan

NaariSamata is working on supporting educating children in Tribal villages by:

1. creating gender-equal classrooms

2. Reducing the number of girl dropouts from schools every year

3. Designing Experiential learning-based curriculum with a focus on Social Emotional Learning.

4. Promoting  girl child education to the community

5. Training new fellows to be Changemakers to ensure a sustainable vision.

6. Bridge the learning gap between children in basic literacy and numeracy

7. Empowering girls from marginalized communities to be Changemakers


The children supported during the pandemic

Christina & Emmanuel

Emmanuel 7 and Christina 5,  who live with their disabled grandmother after the father died and the  mother  abandoned them due to financial constraints, were supported by NaariSamata with full payment of fees for the academic year, medical insurance for 3 years and provision of groceries for 6 months. 



Angel is the youngest of three children of a single mother who is a domestic servant. Her mother was struggling to keep her daughter in school during the lockdown. Angel is a very keen student who wants to grow up to be a nurse.  Naarisamata helped with Angel’s school fees for 6 months

The Singh Siblings

Shruti, Shrishti and Adhwik  are siblings aged 6, 11 and 9, who lost their parents to Covid whre helped by NaariSamata with school fees, accomodation and food provisions for 6 months. They family they were housed with, were also provided with groceries and scchool fees for 6 months.

Please contact NaariSamata at support@naarisamata.com if you would like to help.

The children supported during the pandemic
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