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MID-DAY MEAL   – Bihar

The Musahar community is a Dalit community found throughout eastern Uttar Pradesh, southern Nepal, Bihar and Jharkhand. In Bihar, the word Musahar is said to be derived from the Bhojpuri mūs+ahar (literally rat eater), on account of their traditional occupation as rat catchers and many are still forced to do this work due to destitution and poverty. They are one of the most marginalised castes in India, even among Dalits.

Almost all Musahars live in rural areas, with a mere 3% living in the city. In the rural areas, Musahar are primarily bonded agricultural labourers, but often go without work for as much as eight months in a year. Children work alongside their parents in the fields or as rag-pickers, earning as little as @25-30 in a day.  By some estimates, as many as 85% of some villages of Musahars suffer from malnutrition and with access to health centres scant, diseases such as malaria and kala-azar are prevented.

Education cannot be imparted to a child on an empty stomach. While our focus will always be education, we cannot do this without first ensuring that the children have had at least one good meal a day.


We sponsored a mid-day meal for 60 children in a village in Bihar for 30 days. We wish to do more once we have committed funding for this project. 

You, as a donor, can help such children from marginalised communities  get one good meal a day. Imagine the satisfaction you will get knowing there is a child out there who will not go hungry because of your generosity. Just £500 a month can save  60 children from hunger for 30 days. This can be achieved if we all work together to make this possible

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