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Sport to Livelihood

Sport to Livelihood

Child marriage is a prevalent issue in underdeveloped states like Jharkhand in India. Shockingly, nearly 38% of girls in Jharkhand are married off before they reach the age of 18, an age when they should be attending school, enjoying their childhood, and pursuing their dreams.


In shadows deep, where chains do bind, A woman’s spirit yearned to find The strength within to break away, To claim her freedom, come what may.   With every step, she shed her fears, Embracing strength that lay dormant for years. Her spirit rose, fierce and...

Embrace the Mirror

In a world of judgments and ideals so grand, There’s a journey within, where acceptance can expand. Embrace the truth that lies deep in your heart, For within your essence, a masterpiece of art.   Release the weight of expectations and strife, And let the...

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